Disclaimer: The Slayers Characters belong to Kamisaka Hajime and T.V. Tokyo. Luna and Xelas, are based on my imagination. Himeki is mine and Tougo is mine. Kaoru, I took the Kamiya Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin and fitted her into this plot.

Year A.D 3506, Sorcery, a once lost art was restructed, as well as swords man ship. Because of that, a war broke out through the world. People starved, died, and two other lost races where resurrected. Mazoku, the demon race, and Ryu, the dragon race. The mazoku and ryu would change their form and shape and live as humans. Even though the dominating race is humans, if mazoku or ryu, decided to attack, they would easily crumble. This story, starts a century from that year.

A.D 3606: 93 years after the war ended, mazoku, ryu and human found a way to live in the same world. Sorcery, as well as advancement in technology started to get caught up. All through out the world, there are crosses between mazoku and ryu, mazoku and human, and human and ryu. In the world now, it is more unusual to be pure mazoku, ryu or human.

Slayers Campus: A campus that has a whole set of educational grounds from Day Care to Graduate School. Most of the students in High School and above, are from all over the world and stay at the dormitories. The dormitories are like a three room apartment. As long as they are in a room, you can get paired up with students younger or older than you, and maybe even one of the teachers that use the dormitories.

(The schooling system is one of Japans, since this Campus is located in Japan)

Slayers Campus Crew.

~ Dormitory 1 Room 701

Lina Inverse: A half of Mazoku and Human. Born in New York, grew up in Tokyo. A Junior in High School at Slayers Campus, and 17. She is the top of her class and is enrolled in the Sorcery-as whole-department. Can be a little uptight but is generally nice. She has sleepless nights when she thinks about Xelloss, her biology teacher. Because of that, she claims she doesn’t like him. In her room, she takes care of Cooking.

Amelia Will Tesla Seyluun: Comes from a branch of royalty in England which is the last royal family that only has pure humans. Takes care of washing clothes and dishes in the room. Lina’s room mate and a year younger than her. She loves acrobats and is in gymnastics club, but for she is a natural born Klutz, she never competes in tournaments. She is a soft hearted girl and is enrolled in Sorcery-healing branch.

Shilfiel Nels Raada: A Hispanic beauty who is a half of ryu and human. Lina and Amelia’s room mate. She has feelings towards Gaury, and is praying that he would return her feelings. She is a good person who would listen to her friends problems. She is 19 and is a freshman in college. She takes care of all the other house work.

~ Dormitory 8 Room 305

Xelloss Metalium: A 1/8th human, 7/8th mazoku. The Biology teacher at Slayer Campus High School. He was born in China and grew up in Japan. His family only consists of his older sister Xelas. He is a graduate of the sorcery-as whole-department. He knew Lina before he became a teacher, and his main reasons for becoming a teacher is because he could teach Lina. He takes care of doing the laundry.

Gaury Gabliev: Supposedly a ¼th Ryu, ¾th human, a senior in College. Lina’s friend from a young age and IS her best friend. He is also in the top of his class as a sword man. He is one of the places Lina feels most comfortable at. He is an orphan, and no one is sure of his heritage. Other than for the sword he holds onto. He is open minded and subconsciously makes stupid comments. Takes care of doing the sweeping and vacuuming

Zelgadiss Graywords: A 1/3rd human, 1/3rd mazoku, 1/3rd ryu. A freshman is college and Gaury and Xelloss’s room mate. A guy who likes to keep to himself. He takes care of cooking in the room. His uncle is his only living relative. He is from the lands of France.

~ Dormitory 6 Room 108

Filia Ul Kupt: A pure ryu. Born in Chicago and grew up there. A Sophomore in College. Loves to have tea. She enjoys talking with her room mates. But can’t understand one’s taste in men. She has a boy-friend named Valtierra.

Himeki Michizuku: Filia’s room mate, and a Junior in College. Has special feelings for Xelloss and is after him constantly. ¼th Mazoku, ½ Ryu, and ¼th human. She has a major in Sorcery-shamanism.

Ellis: A Senior in High School. Has a boy-friend named Rezo, who is an Chemistry teacher at the College. Daydreams constantly about the day she would marry him. Enjoys Filia’s tea. Enrolled in Sorcery-White Magic.

~ Dormitory 7 Room 279

Valtierra: A Sophomore in College, half Ryu, half Mazoku. Likes to just hang out. Going out with Filia, has a major in Sorcery-offensive Black Magic-. Likes to fight, and is in the Karate-club. His only living relative is his older brother Garv.

Rezo: The Chemistry teacher in College. Goes out with Ellis(This is of course a secret to the school board). Likes to do strange experiments. Zelgadiss’s uncle.

Tougo Arai: A Junior in High School. Likes to play the guitar, gets along with Zel very well. Likes solitude, but sometimes gets lonely. Starts to develop feelings to Lina.


Luna Inverse: Lina’s older sister and only living relative. She is in the army and is extremely strong. She sends her sister money for her to survive. She is kept a secret but if I feel like it she might appear.

Xelas Metalium: Xelloss’s sister. She is an actress. I have no intention on making her come out in the series, but she might.

Kaoru Kamiya: Lina’s friend. Only one in the same grade as Lina.