Slayers    Campus    Chapter    3

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Slayers Campus Chapter 3:

Chapter 3:

"Xelloss?!" I ask. I open the window and lean out. He is floating right in front of me so he presumably used ‘levitation’ and came up.

Levitation, it’s one of the floating spells and it’s one of the easiest spells to learn. It helps you in an emergency like when you’re kicked off a plane.

"What are you doing here?" I ask eyeing him.

He still has his signature smile on his face, and he is wearing a tan shirt with blue jeans. He then offers his hand out.

"Would you go out on a walk with me?" He asked smiling. I hesitated. I was still wearing my nightshirt, and still had my blanket over my shoulders, it was not the kind of clothes you’d go on a walk in.

"Like this?" was my reply. I am still clutching to the blanket. Xelloss just smiles and reaches inside from the window and in a swift motion sweeps me up into his arms. "What are you..?" He just smiles at me as we descend down ward. Once his feet touch the ground though, he still shows no sign of letting go of me.

"Xelloss, can you please put me down?" I ask in an irritated tone. Xelloss just shakes his head as he walks away from the dorm. "Xelloss!!" I yell at him. What is he thinking?!

"Lina-san, please calm down." He tries to soothe me.

"How can I?!" I ask and start squirming in attempt to free myself. "Look, just put me down." I say after struggling to free myself, only to notice that Xelloss held me in a firm grip.

Xelloss sighs and looks at me, his eyes showing through his violet bangs. "…… all right Lina-san." He says and lets go of me, allowing me to fall to the ground.

"Well, what is it?" I ask brushing off the grass that stuck to my blanket. Xelloss suddenly grabs my hands and pulls me towards him. "Xe…lloss?" I ask not comprehending his actions. I feel his hands move to my waist and he hugs me.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, probably 5 minutes max. but to me, it felt like forever. Suddenly Xelloss let go of me.

"Sorry to surprise you Lina-san." He says, not daring to look at me. He then sits down on the grass. I stay standing for a while but then sigh and sit down next to him.

I look at his face. He is just looking straight, his eyes still hidden though. His deep violet hair falls above his shoulders in line with his jaw, his face, one that is……….. elegant, I guess since it’s the only word I can think up to describe it. I feel a sudden urge to touch his face. My hand starts to extend, and I am dully aware of my blanket sliding off me as I caress his cheek.

Xelloss turns to look at me as I continue to touch his face. He has a look of not comprehending in his eyes.

"Kirei" I whisper. Xelloss just looks at me and then smiles, putting his hand against mine. His hand is big that it covers all of mine. There seems to be some kind of magnetic magic force pulling me. I move myself closer to Xelloss that I am practically sitting on his lap.

I move my hand to his shoulders and hug him. I hear deep inside myself, a still rational part of myself, yelling at me to stop this, but I ignore it. I just continue to hug him. Xelloss’s hands move to my waist once again, pushing me against him.

Suddenly Xelloss pushed me away. His hands dug into my shoulders as he looked down to the ground.

"Xelloss?" I called his name and extended my hand to touch his face but he slaps it away. "Ita!" I say out loud.

"……Sorry." Was all he said as he stood up and started to leave.

"Wa-wait!" I called and stood up trying to catch up to him. When I did, I grabbed his arm, and turned him around so that he’d look at me. "Why….. did you ask me out for a walk?"

After a long pause Xelloss opened his mouth "It didn’t have to be a walk, I just needed to ask if you could return this to Himeki-san." Xelloss then hands me the letter that Himeki told me to give him. "Tell her that I can not accept it." He then turns around and walks away.

I was numb for the rest of the night. I don’t remember how, but the next thing I knew, I was in my room, tears came flowing down like the Niagara falls. My tears stained the paper of the book I was trying to read. I don’t even remember what book it was. I had taken out the winter blankets and put them around me, but they did nothing to warm me up. I just kept on crying.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? That word rings in my head. Why did he leave then? Why did he suddenly hold me? Why? Why? Why?

"Lina-san, are you awake?" Amelia asks walking into my room. She was rubbing her eyes sleepily, and she wore a white pajama top with white shorts.

"I told you to knock before you enter!" I snapped at her. Amelia then backs out a little, a look of fear appearing in her eyes.

"I’m sorry Lina-san, it’s just that… I heard you cry and.." I send her my meanest glares, which causes her to fall to the floor out of fear. She looks at me like an idiot. I wipe the tears that fall from my eyes.

"You.. have no right to intrude in here. LEAVE!!!" I order her. Amelia just sits there, she tries to stand up by grabbing the door knob but it is no use, she can’t pull herself up.

"I’m…… sorry Lina-san….. I was……..just worried.." She trembles.

"Just get out of here!" I yell at her. She then closes the door. I clutch the sheets of my bed. "Baka Amelia." I whisper. "Baka Himeki, Baka Gaury, Baka Xelloss." I continue to whisper.

"Baka… Xelloss!! Baka Xelloss, Baka Xelloss Baka Xelloss!" I yell, I don’t see what’s the point though, there’s no way he’s going to hear me. I had to just continue to say something or I felt I’d go crazy. I had to do something to keep my mind off asking ‘Why?’.


*Kirei*-beautiful, elegant.

The above image is Lina in the standard School girls uniform.