*Note: This is a Xelloss/Lina fanfic*

*Insert Standard Disclaimer*

"Welcome back Lina-san!" Xelloss greeted Lina as she walked out of the portal.
"Where are my gold coins and feast?" Lina glared as she put down the bag.
"No Welcome back hug?" Xelloss pouted and Lina whacked him over the head. "Ow, that hurt."
"Shut up, I nearly froze out there so you better have my feast ready." Lina threatened and Xelloss pouted. Her feast was ready, he just didn't want to take her there.
"At least give me the gold coins." Lina said and flapped her right hand. Xelloss sighed and out of thin air summoned a small coin bag.
"Here you go Lina-san, 5,000 gold coins." Xelloss handed her the bag and Lina smiled.
"Thanks Xelloss" Lina said with a smile. "by the way, Shigeru, Youzen, and Gonou were very cute." Lina said with a hint of teasing in her voice.
"….Lina-san…" Xelloss whined and Lina just smiled.
"So where's the feast?" Lina asked.
"It IS ready right?" Lina asked as a fire ball started to form at her finger tip.
"Well…if you say so it is……." Xelloss replied but was very reluctant.
"Hey Lina, you ready to go?" Gaury walked into the room.
"Go where?" Lina asked looking up at him.
"Seyluun's hosting its winter buffet, Amelia invited us." Gaury explained.
"Why didn't you say so!!" Lina declared. Luckily the three were in Seyluun City, which obviously allowed them to go there easily. Lina was also already dressed in a somewhat formal dress, which meant she didn't have to change and just had to go to the palace. "I'm going now, bye!!"
"……Gaury-san…" Xelloss glared at the man who ruined his possible chance of having a quiet evening with Lina. In truth this Seyluun buffet was what Zelas had intended to give as Lina's reward but…
"Don’t look at me. Not my fault that I was hired by the princess of Seyluun to keep certain mazoku away from Lina." Gaury explained. "I'm taking Shilfiel anyways."
"What does Amelia-san have against me?!" Xelloss whined.
"Not against you, that's Filia, more like what does she want with Lina." Gaury explained and Xelloss looked at him.
"……….what happened to Zelgadiss-san?" Xelloss asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.
"How would I know." Gaury replied, acting stupid again.
"…………….LINA-SAN!!! PLEASE WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!" Xelloss cried and ran after her.
"Amelia is Lina's best friend, of course she's going to invite Lina." Gaury added as Xelloss left. "Oh well, you better take care of her Xelloss." Gaury smiled softly, the smile of an older brother.
"Gaury-sama?" Shilfiel looked into the room.
"Ready?" Gaury asked and Shilfiel nodded and took his arm.

"In the name of Justice, this Buffet will go well!!" Amelia declared and Zelgadiss looked away embarrassed.
"Hey Amelia! Zel!" Lina called as she walked up to her friends.
"Lina-san!!" Amelia cried and hugged her. "Happy Winter Solstice!"
"Happy Winter Solstice to you too Amelia." Lina said with a smile.
"Hello Amelia-san." Xelloss grabbed Lina and pushed her behind him as he greeted Amelia.
"Hello Xelloss-san!!" Amelia replied with an innocent smile. "I didn't know you were coming."
"I go everywhere Lina-san does." Xelloss replied.
"But you did have fun right?" Xelloss asked and Lina blushed and looked away.
"If only you were half as cute as them." Lina muttered, indicating the children she visited under her breath. "Come on, the foods going to run out if we stand here!" Lina screamed and ran off again.
"Touch Lina-san and you die Amelia-san." Xelloss threatened her as he ran after Lina.
"…..What is wrong with Xelloss-san?" Amelia wondered.
"Sick Mazoku….." Zelgadiss muttered under his breath.

"Not as good as authentic Zefiria wine but still good!!" Zelas declared as she walked through the buffet with a wine glass in hand.
"Careful with that Zelas." Luna muttered and Zelas just smiled.
"Ahh, don't worry Luna-chan." Zelas almost tripped.
"Happy Winter Solstice!!!" Zelas cried and Luna buried her head in her hands. " Lina-chan makes such a cute Santa…." Zelas muttered and Luna sighed.
"Go after my sister and I'll have your head." Luna threatened.
"Jealous?" Zelas asked and smiled coyly.
"No, just trying to protect you from your own son." Luna smiled back.
"Don't worry my second Koi!!" Zelas declared. "I can protect myself!!!"
"I worry about your sanity more than I do anything." Luna muttered.

"Hey Xelloss" Lina talked softly to the mazoku sitting next to her.
"Yes Lina-san?" Xelloss asked. Lina took out a small key chain that had the symbol of Greater Beast on it and dangled it with her finger.
"Merry Christmas." She said as she handed him the key chain. Xelloss looked at her awe struck but then soon smiled at her.
"Merry Christmas Lina-san, this will be a night you won't forget." Xelloss leaned down to kiss her but was whacked with a slipper, a fist, the hilt of Sword of Light, a mace, and the hilt of Cefied Blade.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!" Lina screamed all red.
"It is not proper conduct of Justice to make out in public Xelloss-san!" Amelia lectured.
"Do you know how embarrassing that can be?" Gaury asked in a tired voice.
"Honestly, I've never seen a mazoku such hormone driven." Luna sighed.
"NE-Ne-NEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHAN!!!!!!" Lina noticed her sister and ran away.
"Wa- WAIT LINA-SAN!!!!!!" Xelloss ran after her.
"…….what a couple." Luna muttered.
"Well, any ways." Zelas started and out of no where, Mew, Dakki, Kanzenon Bosatsu, and God appeared.
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!" They chorused.
"HEY THAT'S MY LINE!!!" Lina cried.