A strange piercing whistle echoes throughout the night, somewhere a girl sit up in bed and makes her way to the source of the music.
The Temple Saga - Chapter 1
By Laura “Genesis”

All character are copyrighted to their specific companies and used without permission, so please don’t sue me or anything.

Chapter 1-

“Where is she?!”
“Calm down Goury, I’m sure she’s just fine” Zelgadiss replies

A long search was cast that morning, Lina was nowhere to be found, the search crew Gourry, Zelgadiss, and Amelia were searching high and low for their friend but found no sign of her, Xelloss was off somewhere at the moment much to Zel’s delight. Finally after they have combed the inn, they set off to search outside only to find a pair of footprints, they follow the footprints till they come to a temple, it was moderately large, it looked to be made out of black obsidian stone, the towers seemed to reach to the sky, the man pillars standing silently out front. Amelia was the first to speak up

“What's that sound?”, everyone turns to her and opens their ears to hear some sort of chanting.
“it sounds like singing to me” Gourry replies a confused look on hisface
“Chanting Gourry, chanting” Zel corrects him
“Whatever! lets just get in there and see if Lina is in there, because this is where the footprints end” Amelia replies very ticked off.

They all agree and head to the door of the temple, they open it quietly and after looking in head inside. They find themselves walking down a long dark hallway lit only by faint lamps on the walls, they see something ahead of them the chanting getting louder and side behind the pillar of the hall only to see a large group of cloaked beings walking by in rows of three, they walk down the hall chanting as they go, once out of sight, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and come out of their hiding places.

“What the heck were those!?” Amelia yells

A voice comes out of nowhere “They are normal humans under hypnosis”

Everyone turns around to see Xelloss standing there with a grin on his face, “I’m sure all your questions will be answered when you go through that door down there” points to a door that he people went into, and walks by them humming as Gourry tries to holds Zel down from killing Xelloss for holding valued info, after he has calmed down somewhat they follow Xelloss down to a door it was big and ornate, silver with a gold design and jewels embedded in the handle of the door, as they near the door it opens up as if it has a life of its own allowing them in, they look at each other the same thought going through their heads, this was too easy, as they walk into the darkened room.
As they enter the room they hear the strange chanting again and in further inspection to see they are in a huge room, a large chair stands in the front of the room on top of a podium, a man sad on the throne, tall about the age of 18 with shoulder length dark blue hair down to his chin, in front of the podium is the cloaked figures they saw in front of the hall, they bow in front of the man and get to their knees. Xelloss reaches out and grabs the first figure he sees and takes off its hood, revealing a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, the only thing strange about her is that her eyes are a solid shade of blue, unblinking and unstaring, Xelloss releases her and turns to the others.

“She seems to be under some sort of hypnosis, her mind is not in her at the moment, probably the chanting” looks around “seems they are all under its control, if you didn’t notice the chant had sort of a haunting tune to it”

Just as they are about to talk the man at the front of the room stands up and begins to talk first

“Fellow travelers, we are here on this day to reveal destiny, and on occasion, one special person has been chosen to be our leader along with I”

The man says a smiles on his face, he makes a gesture with his hand and all eyes turn to the figure now walking across the stage. A young girl looking to be around 16 or 17 walks towards the man on the stage, she is wearing a long dress that falls to her ankles at the back in sides, but only goes halfway past her knees at the front, it is red, black, and white, with matching adornments in gold, the dress itself was red, and it had skirts of black and white material, a long red sash wrapped around her waist, the ends dangling down to her knees in the back, on her feet are black high heeled shoes with red and white laces wrapping up her leg to her knees, a long flowing white cloak finishes off the outfit, the hood hiding her face and head as her head is turned downwards slightly. She finishes walking the podium and the man put his hand up to take hers, she complies lifting a gloved white hand, her hand small in the mans larger one the red jewels on her wrists glint for a second as he moves her hand. The group at the back gawks at the woman, she seems familiar but they can’t place where but get a really badfeeling.

“May I present Celina, your princess and my soon to be wife, may sun and shade favor her and may she get the courtesy you have given me!”

The girl lifts her head up and the group at the back catch their breath, looking at the girl. The girls red bangs were the only things that showed from under the hood, her big eyes,a solid and unblinking red, looked out at the crowd unstaring, Xelloss and Gourry just stare, Zelgadiss turns away and looks into the pillar before turning back, Amelia gasps softly, they are all shocked at what they saw, at that moment one persons name was going through their head, they realized why the person they saw in front of them seemed so familiar, they all had the same reaction, whether verbally or mentally.


End of Chapter one