Amelia's   Diary

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--A section of where Amelia is the main Character sounds strange to a lot of people, but she seemed to be Lina's only girl friend who wasn't some skintly clad sorceress or learns the Dragon Slave when she's a priestess or a mace yeilding annoying blond. Not to mention, other than Gaury, she's traveled with Lina the longest.

Amelia’s Diary

"Levitation!" I cried saving myself from hitting the wooden floor in the castle’s library. I was looking for a book when I missed a step on the ladder and was about to fall, though, I couldn’t help but imagining Zelgadiss-san saving me by catching me with his strong arms.

"What are you laughing about Amelia?" A familiar voice calls me. Surprised I turn around and find Lina-san looking at me. She had her long hair up in a ponytail, and was wearing one of the outfits the official guards of Seyluun wore.

"Ah, nothing Lina-san!" I say and stand up. "What are you doing here though? I thought you were off with Tousan or Gaury-san?"

"I was, but I came back to get some things when I heard some books fall down, curious I came to see what it was…" Lina-san smiles at me..

"A..ha..ha..ha..ha" I laugh dryly, true, I am very clumsy, I don’t mean to be but I am. Because of it, I seem to cause a lot of troubles for others. If only if I was more like Lina-san, then I could’ve gone on the adventure with Zelgadiss-san. "I’m jealous of you Lina-san.."

"Huh? Say something Amelia?" She asked, her red eyes looking curiously into mine. She is so much more calm then me, how can I be like her?

"I said… how can I be like you Lina-san? You are so much more calm than me and you’re not a klutz! You know what you want and you go for it! How can I be like that?"

"………Amelia, I’m not as good as you think I am." I look up at her with that, and Lina-san is looking at me with sad eyes. "I’ve killed before, I’ve hurt a lot of other people and I’ve been hurt a lot of times. There are still a lot of things I don’t understand." She looks far into the sky for a moment. "When I left Zefiria, I was afraid I couldn’t live in this world. I had cried myself to sleep so many nights, it’s even stupid to count them. I wanted to be like someone too, I wanted to be like Neechan. I’m jealous of you Amelia… you know why?" I shake my head "you know what it means to really love someone else, I don’t really understand that yet… I’m jealous of you and Zel, in the state where you two can really trust be together." Lina-san looks at me then.

"Lina-san… is there someone you care for like I care for Zelgadiss-san?" I ask her. Lina-san just smiles.

"Kind of… not so sure what he means to my yet… I really want to find out though.. and when I do, I hope it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.." She smiles down at me.

"Who is this person?" I ask, I am amazed someone can have such an effect on Lina-san, an effect even Gaury-san couldn’t cause..

"Here’s a hint Amelia….. ‘That is a secret’" Lina-san just winks and leaves the room. Wait.. Could it mean that.. Lina-san and Xelloss-san….

My scream of surprise echoed through the whole castle for the rest of the day……