Till Dead do we Part....
Case 1: Yuusuke and Keiko

It has been a while. A long while. I think to my self as I walk through the woods of Makai. So long since I had last set my foot on this soil. I never thought I'd come back here, but I don't have any where else to go.
I came here because I've lost everything that ever mattered to me. I've always hated my human father, he was a bastard that didn't stick around long enough to even see me reach first grade, he's dead now though. Just for the record I didn't kill him, it seems more like he had an accident with drugs or something. I don't know the details and I don't want to know them. My mom was good to me. She cared deeply for me and tried to give me the best she could. She wanted to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes she did. Still even with her love for life she took her last breath 25 years ago. I knew her excessive drinking was going to catch up on her someday.
My best friend died of old age about a year ago. I think it was then that I realized just how different I was from everyone around me. The average human life span is around 70 to 80 years, mine though is at least a thousand years, probably more like five thousand. I also haven't aged since I was 30, I looked like my wife's son when I stood next to her. All of those are in the past though, for not even a week ago…..!!!
I feel like cursing the world. Why did she have to be taken away from me, and now I am forced to live on until I die. I wish I could just commit suicide but she made me promise not to. I can never brake a promise I made to her. So I am left alone, wondering around this huge vast lands, waiting for my time to come. I think I'll stop eating anything at all. That way my death will come sooner. I don't know any more…what's the point in going on?
"……..Oh." A voice says behind me and I turn to look around and am faced with a familiar face. "You're back."
"Whatya want?" I ask annoyed at any one who dared to bother me.
"Nothing, just thought I felt a familiar Youki." That person mutters.
"So, what happened?"
"……………..I don't want to talk about it." I reply to those inquiring eyes.
"Suits me." That person replies and sits down next to me. "Why don't you sit too."
"………sure." I shrug, I've got nothing else better to do anyways.
"Did your wife die?" I glare at her and she just shrugs. "Look, I don't mean it to be offensive alright? I'm sorry to hear that…..I heard about you two from a very talkative Youko."
"Kurama……………how's he?" I ask.
"Fine, fine, doing what ever. He's taking care of that girl, Yukina, ever since she lost her husband."
"……………….and 'him'?" I ask and she shakes her head.
"Haven't seen him in a while." She replies sadly.
"At least……he's alive. That's more than I have."
"………….yeah…….I'll settle for that any day over his death." We stop talking after that and allow the cool breeze to hit us.
"…………….I don't know…………what to do anymore." I start to talk. For the first time since that unbearable day.
"…….You could go back? Don't you have family." She asks and I shake my head.
"My kids are all grown up, they don't need a father any more."
"That's what you think………" She whispers. "……….do you want to take after your father?"
"……..I don't think so, I'm not cut out to be a lord." I reply and she just looks at me.
"…….Why didn't you face the lord of Reikai?" She asks and I'm taken aback. "Thinking of all that you did for them I thought they might grant you a wish of some sort but….looks like I was mistaken."
"…………They offered………she didn't want it though…" She understands as I say that. "…..she wanted to die a normal death. I guess since everything else about us wasn't she wanted at least this to be normal."
"Are you going to wait for her to reincarnate? Just like your father did?" She asks and I shrug again.
"…………….that's all that's left for me……." I can't go back there. So I'm stuck wondering around here until I think it's about time.
"……..good luck." She wishes me and stands up. "I'm going back, maybe I'll see you around."
"Yeah……..maybe." I reply and she leaves. I look ahead of me. I still want to go back, to when we were just kids, before everything became so complicated. I can almost see her smiling at me, calling my name. Where are you……..when will I see you again.

'Yuusuke!' your voice is still so fresh in my ears.

Okay, I know it's short but I just really wanted to write a Yuu Yuu Hakusho fic starring Yuusuke and Keiko. And this was the best I could do with this...(I know I should try writing more often) This is a sort of series and I plan to write other Death of a loved one fics for various other couples.