((Title:)) Forbidden Friendship
(otherwise known as the Val fanfic)

Chapter 1: The Kid with Green Hair and A Horn on His Head.

At a small village, there・s an antique store and there live two dragons, a fox-man, and a lizard man. The door of the antique store swing open and a kid with green hair and a horn on his head ran inside the store.
"Welco...Valterria! Didn't I tell you not to use that door and use the back door when the store is in business: Asked a lady with blond hair and wears a pink dress.
"I just forgot, Filia." The boy named Valterria replied. "Well don't just stand there, go inside and start working on your homework!" Exclaimed Filia and she went back to the cashier spot while a lizard-man and a fox-human are putting pots and vases on the shelves of the store. Valterria ran towards the back and throw his book bag into the back room.
" Jirazu! Grabozu! Let me help you with those!" Yelled Valterria and he ran towards the two beast-men and picked up a huge mace from the pile of antiques.
"I'm going to put this to the maces department, 'kay?" And he dragged the mace across the floor. On his way to the maces department, his hands start to sweat and he accidentally let go of the mace. It crashed loudly on the floor and mad a huge hole in the floor and the vibration caused a couple light vases to fall from its shelf and their debris scattered across the floor. "opps..."
"What the..." Began Filia and she ran towards Valterria and screamed.
"VALTERRIA! GO TO YOUR ROOM AT ONCE AND DON'T COME OUT UNTIL I TELL YOU TO! AND NO DINNER FOR YOU TONIGHT!" Valterria starts to sob but he stopped himself and yell right into Filia's face.
"I just wanted to help, Filia...I HATE YOU!" And he ran out of the store.
"GO THEN! AND NEVER COME BACK!!!" Yelled Filia and the two beast-men starts to run after the poor little dragon.
"Stop and come back here, Jirazu! Grabozu!" Jirazu and Grabozu are scared of Filia and didn't run after Valterria.

~Two Days Later~ "Hey Filia, are you sure that we shouldn't go after Master Valterria? It has been two days since he ran away, and I think that something's wrong."
"Don't worry about him, Grabozu. He'll be all right. He'll run back home crying in a day or two." Filia answers. "Hey, Jirazu. Something's wrong with the money weighter. Come fix it."

~At the mean time in a forest~
"Stupid Filia! I just wanted to help and that was just an accident. Why was she so angry?" Valterria grumbled to himself and in the back, a few shadows appeared and started following him.

~At a town close to where Valterria is, there's a fight going on in a tavern~
"Digger Bolt!" Yelled a beautiful light-blue hair girl that's wearing long dark blue dress and all the drunks that were tied in the whip were electrocuted.
"Ha! Now that tells you not to mess with me, you mortal drunks! Hey, mister! Here's a hundred gold coins for the damage and could you bury those guys for me? Thanx!" Yelled the girl and she walked out of the tavern and towards the little trail that leads into the forest.
"Those humans really don't know who they・re messing with but the special beer at the tavern is so good! I should get their recipe and get Lin to make some for me." The girl said to herself. Suddenly she heard someone yelling for help and the next thing she knew was a kid running towards her and behind him, there are a couple berserkers. "Hmm...maybe I should help him." At that time, the berserkers had caught the Valterria and he was unconscious. The girl teleports right in front of the berserkers and smirks evilly.
"It's a bad day for you guys." And she shot a couple of flare arrows at them and they are all burned to ashes.
"This is the first time that I feel sorry for a kid. Maybe I should take him to the cabin." Said the girl and she teleported to a cabin that she's currently living at and laid the boy on the bed and lighted the fire. "There's something weird about that kid. He...he...has a HORN?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author (Zelas): Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my Val-kun fanfic. First, all the characters belong to their owners! Only the story idea belongs to me ^_^ Most of you should have guessed that I really like Val and I do. I also hate Filia so Filia is going to have a hard time in this fanfic, but I・ll be nice to her at the end. In this fanfic, Lina, Gourry, and Xelloss will definitely be in the fic but I・m still not sure if I・m going to put Amelia and Zelgadiss in it. Well, I hope that you・ll like it ^o^