05/06/01: Changed the top image for Houshin Masion(Roushi) and Pearl Sapphire(Youtai) added a pic of Shuu-chan to misc. anime section

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03/31/01: Changed the look of the top page

02/28/01: Changed the top image, and added a picture of Youzen and Sanzo in the Houshin Engi Gallery and Misc. non-yaoi fanart sec.

02/05/01: Ok, the impossible has happened, I actually finished, yes FINISHED Trouble Maker. THE FINAL CHAPTER OF TROUBLE MAKERS IS AVAILABLE IN THE SLAYERS SECTION!!(It'll probably rain tomorrow), and I added Gaury and Amelia to the 'In Memory of......' and Added myself the Xelloss&Lina Webring. ^^ Today is apparently a day for Slayers. Go watch it, it is a great show!!!

02/03/01: Added the fanfic for the 5000 counter hit a Xel/Lina fanfic, as well as added a link in the General Link section.

02/01/01: Changed the top image and fixed the page to it's other design, uploaded a picture of Outenkun and Taikobo in Houshin Engi Gallery.

01/30/01: Uploaded a new Link in the General Link section, Bishounen Realm, and put up my marriage certificate, I am now Married to Youzen!! I am Queen of New Senninnkai!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

01/20/01: Uploaded 4 images to the Misc. fanart section, mostly the main characters from my 4 favorite-should-be-more-famous-series/authors.

01/11/01: First update of the year 2001. Finally changed the top image of Happiness, added pics of Shigeru and Saiyuki in Variations and a Youzen/Taikobo/Youzen pic in Pearl Sapphire